Sign You May Need Brake Service

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Importance Of Keeping Up With Maintenance

The best way to maintain a vehicle is by ensuring that you follow the service intervals and that your vehicle has the appropriate levels of all fluids. Sounds and smells are other apparent indicators of possible issues that your car is experiencing a problem. Many are unsure how to check their braking system when it comes to maintenance since it's hidden behind a wheel. Below we will discuss the five signs that indicate that your brakes require service.

The Five Signs That Your Brakes Require Service

  • Squeaky Sounds: The brake pads usually have a metal pin that contacts the rotor when the brake pad wears to the minimal level. If you hear metal grinding sound every time you press on the brakes, you will likely need to replace your brake pads. If you don't fix this issue promptly, you will likely damage your rotors prematurely.
  • Vibration During Braking: If you feel your steering wheel shake as you are braking, you know that your braking system is experiencing issues. These vibrations are usually caused by uneven wear on the brake pads and rotors.
  • Fluid Leaks: If your brake pedal feels soft, you should check if there are leaks under the vehicle. If you find brake fluid on the ground, you should not attempt to drive the vehicle as you will not have sufficient braking power during an emergency stop.
  • Veering To One Side: If your vehicle is experiencing a pull to either side of the road, you might want to get your brake callipers checked. In the case of a failed brake calliper, it will get stuck applying the brake pads to the rotors, which causes the vehicle to veer to one side. This issue could also be due to improper calliper pin lubrication, which is harder to detect as the veering will be less consistent.
  • Burning Smell As You Drive: As you drive your vehicle, your brake pads might wear out past their friction material, which will cause an awful smell. Other issues that will cause odours are a leaking brake hose that's splashing fluid onto your brake rotor, causing inconsistent braking feel on the pedal.

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