Symptoms of Dying Battery

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Top Five Signs of a Dying Battery

A vital component that starts your vehicle is the battery. When the battery fails, your vehicle won't be going anywhere. These are the top five signs to keep a lookout for to know when your battery is dying.

Check Engine Light

When you notice the check engine light stays on, found on the dashboard, your vehicle indicates there is a problem. One prime culprit could be the battery. The check engine light could be telling you that your battery is old or that an internal cell is failing to keep a charge.

Slow to Start Engine

A slow-to-start engine is a clear sign that could indicate your battery is failing. Long-term use of batteries causes wears and tear on battery components. When this happens, you may have to wait a little longer for the engine to turnover before it starts up.

Electrical Malfunctions & Dim Lights

The car's electrical components depend upon the battery as a power source, including the car lights. When the battery fails to function optimally, the battery cannot fully power components such as the stereo system, heated seats, lights, and dashboard computer. The malfunctioning of these components is a wake-up call to schedule a service appointment to have your battery checked or replaced.

Eroded Battery Connectors

Check the battery's terminals periodically. If you see the white ash-like substances on the terminals, this means they are corroded. Corrosion of the positive and negative terminals significantly causes voltage issues preventing the battery from working correctly.

Old Battery

Ideally, your battery should serve you for up to five years. Constant use causes the cells inside the battery to fail and weathering on the battery. It is best to have a regular battery checkup, especially after three years, to ensure it is still working optimally.

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