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Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program: The Answers

Q. Is there a waiting period for new employees, contractors?

A. Yes. NCI employees and contractors are eligible for the VPP after 3 months of continued service.

Q. Are there maximums for how many cars I can buy in a year?

A. Yes. Employees / Contractors are limited to an overall maximum of 8 vehicle purchases per fiscal year. Purchases under Plan A are limited to 2 per fiscal year. Once an employee or retiree has reached their Plan A maximum, additional VPP sales will be at the Plan B rate. NCI's fiscal year runs from April 1st to March 31st.

Q. I want to know how much the car I want will cost. How can I get a price quote?

A. VPP vehicle pricing can be obtained only through a Nissan or Infiniti dealership. When you present your VPP claim form, you are entitled to see the invoice pricing of the vehicle you are intending to buy.

Q. Now can I find out what my VPP discount will be?

A. VPP discounts are determined by Nissan Canada and will change from time to time. For full pricing information you must visit a participating Nissan or Infiniti dealership.

Q. What if I want to purchase accessories? Will I get a discount?

A. There is no pre-negotiated VPP price for dealer-installed accessories. Prices for accessories are negotiable between you and the dealership. Nissan Canada Inc. employees should refer to the Employee parts Purchase program for current information.

Q. How can I find out if incentives are being offered on the car I am interested in?

A. For information on current VPP incentives, click on the Incentives Tab at the top of this page. Nissan and Infiniti dealers will also be able to provide current incentive information.

Q. Can the value of my trade-in be used to further reduce my purchase price?

A. No. The value of a trade-in can be used to pay for your vehicle purchase but it cannot determine your purchase price. Your trade-in must be handled as a transaction separate from the VPP price calculation.

Q. How do I finance a vehicle if I purchase or lease through the VPP?

A. You can work with the dealership to obtain financing through Nissan Canada Finance (NCF), Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) or you can obtain financing on your own through a bank or credit union. If you choose to finance through the dealership, normal credit standards apply.

Q. Can I lease a vehicle through the VPP?

A. Yes. If you lease through Nissan Canada Finance (NCF) or Infiniti Financial Services (IFS), a special incentive may apply.

Q. Can I buy a used car through the VPP?

A. No. Only unregistered new and Nissan Canada demo vehicles are available.

Q. Who qualifies under the Vehicle Purchase Program?

A. Nissan Canada Inc. & Affiliate Companies:

Plan A: NCI Employees & their Immediate Family; Retirees & their Spouses

Plan B: Employees of Affiliates & their Spouse & Children; Employment Service/Contract Employees and their Spouse & Children

Plan C: Business Associates & their Spouses; NCI Employees Extended Family; Friends of Nissan


Immediate Family: An NCI employee's *spouse, parents (including in-laws), children (including in-law, step and legally adopted), siblings (including in-law, half and step). *Legally recognized as married or common-law, same gender partners

Extended Family: An NCI employee's grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews

Friends: A friend of Nissan

Business Associates: Vendors providing goods or services directly to NCI; Nissan & Infiniti Dealership direct employees & their spouse; Canadian Football League (CFL) employees, players & cheerleaders

Note:Any time there is an issue regarding any person's status as a family member or retiree, the default position will be to align Corporate Vehicle's position with H.R. definitions.

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