Getting Your Oil Changed in Mississauga, Ontario

Getting Your Oil Changed in Mississauga, Ontario

Getting Your Oil Changed at Woodchester Nissan

When you mention the best dealerships in Mississauga, Ontario, Woodchester Nissan comes to mind. Our dealership also serves the surrounding areas of Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, and George Town. When you need service, visit our service centre to schedule an appointment. One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is to get its oil changed.

Top Five Signs of a Dying Battery

Engine Lubrication

Your car's oil should be changed frequently since particles and sludge build-up in old oil, affecting engine performance. Oil should be changed every three months to ensure it is doing its job correctly. The oil acts as a barrier between various moving parts in the engine for lubrication.

Cools Engine

Changing your oil is essential to assist the cooling system in reducing temperatures. The oil circulation near the engine's combustion chamber takes off its heat and cools it down through the oil cooler.

Extends Engine Life

Changing your oil will boost the engine's life. A well-lubricated engine allows all parts to move as they should, decreasing the wear and tear on engine parts. Old oil breaks down over time and doesn't provide the necessary lubrication needed for components to move smoothly.

Less Engine Corrosion

Any lubricated metal part will develop less rust and corrosion when it is adequately oiled, which is also true for engines. Changing your engine's oil ensures all engine parts are lubricated to prevent corrosion and rust.

Less Harmful Emissions

When you don't change your vehicle oil regularly, it gets old and full of particles that can lead to harmful emissions from the exhaust.

The Importance of Nissan Oil Change

Having your car's oil changed is essential to keep your car engine working smoothly. You should schedule your car's oil change and filter maintenance at least every three months. Our Nissan-certified technicians can perform vehicle maintenance, repair, and change your oil. When you bring in your vehicle for oil service, our technicians use factory-recommended synthetic or conventional oil. We also will make sure to use filters recommended for your vehicle.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us for more information about an oil change and filter maintenance. We can answer any Nissan-related queries and schedule a service appointment for you to bring in your vehicle. Our service technicians will ensure that you and your vehicle will receive the best service possible. If you need parts, our parts centre will help you find OEM parts to fit your exact vehicle.