Winter Tire Change in Mississauga, ON


Winter Tire Change at Woodchester Nissan

Driving your car is a privilege no matter the person, age or experience. Keeping your vehicle functioning optimally will require more than just dealing with the engine. Tires are essential components for a vehicle, and you won't be going anywhere without them. Weather in Ontario, Canada, can be brutal, especially during winter. Getting winter tires installed is the best way to ensure safety during snowy weather. Woodchester Nissan is the preferred dealership in Mississauga, Ontario. We offer several services, and customers can book a service appointment to be season-ready. Our fine dealership also serves the communities of Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, and George Town.

Winter Tire vs Seasonal Tire

Winter tires and seasonal tires are quite different as you can easily differentiate among the two just by their names. The winter tires are intended explicitly for wintry weather, such as ice, snow, and sleet. Specialized rubber compounds are used during the manufacturing process, and they're designed to stay pliable when the temperature drops. The tires have deep tread patterns as well as sipes, which are small grooves. Traction is enhanced because the sipes will bite and grip snow accumulation much more efficiently. Very light snowfall can be dealt with seasonal tires as well as dry and wet conditions. On the other hand, extreme temperatures will be detrimental to seasonal tires.

Tire Change vs Tire Swap

Tire change and tire swap are often thought of as the same thing, which is false. Changing your tire requires keeping your existing wheels while switching out the rubber soles. You don't have to purchase a second set of wheels, but a tire change could take a bit longer to complete. Swapping your tires will require having two sets of wheels and two sets of tires, which will be replaced. Swapping is less expensive in the long run and faster to complete since the rubber soles aren't being removed.

When To Switch Tires

If you reside, work or play in regions that experience a consistent mix of cold weather, then you'll need to switch from seasonal tires to winter tires at the start of winter. Seasonal tires start to harden around 7 celsius or below, making it essential to equip winter tires for maximum traction during cold months.

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